Klaire Russell Originals can be given as gifts for all occasions, with personalized options.

Klaire Russell Jewelry can be custom made, with available hues of your choice.

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Klaire Russell


Klaire Russell was born in Toledo, OH and is a graduate of Thomas A. De Vilbiss High School. She is a self taught, intuitive artist and started painting January 7, 2007 at the age of 37. Klaire is a Live Performing Speed Painter and self described as the "Fastest 3D Artist in the World!" July 2010 Klaire was interviewed by WTOL news in which she was timed doing 12x12 canvas at an impressive....57 seconds in her own signature style "3D/360"! This illusionnary style gives the paintings multiple angles it can be displayed, giving the buyer the ability to change the look and flavor of the painting by simply changing the angle the piece is displayed!

Klaire arranges her colors and shapes in a balanced unified manner which harmonizes these unique paintings. Her collection of paintings features warm, bright, bold colors, floral and island themes, and various abstract and non objective paintings. Klaire's art is not limited to canvas. Her paintings can be found on clothing, furniture, purses, shoes, glass, glassware, rocks, appliances, recyclables and anything imaginable! New to her creative ideas, Klaire has created not only her fashionable jewelry line "Inspiring Wiring" that has enhanced her growing career, she has solidified her Klaire Russell Originals Wine Glass line and the newly launched cultural and lifestyle fashion line "Kingz N Queenz " which are all selling across the U.S. and abroad!